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    Leaders in vision care technology, we set high standards for our optometrists, certified support staff and create an environment that fosters exceptional patient care.


Featuring Maison Jean-Francois Rey in 2022

The JF Rey House is based on the values of artistic freedom and innovation. Their frames are made with the greatest respect for materials and the mastery of versatile know-how. Explore JF Rey's 2022 collections at Focal Point and find the style that matches your personality.

We enhance your vision and enrich your life by caring for the gift of sight.

Our focus

Comprehensive eye health exams

Leaders in vision care technology, our practice provides comprehensive eye health exams. This is possible because of our leading-edge diagnostic instrumentation.

Optometrist recommended over-the-counter products

Our optometrists research over-the-counter product efficacies and make available specialized eye drops, lid hygiene products and vitamins that outperform more commonly available products at competitive prices.

Prescribing topical and oral pharmaceuticals

Our optometrists have the best interest of our patients in mind when prescribing specific pharmaceuticals.  Our team of optometrists co-manage patients with Ophthalmologists ensuring our patients’ eye health is closely monitored.

Diagnosing and treating eye health diseases

By staying current and utilizing the latest optometry technology, our optometrists are able to diagnose and treat diseases at the earliest stages possible.

Selection of  precision lenses for optimal vision suitable for a variety of budgets

Your correct prescription is only part of having optimal vision.  Research and development into lens designs that work for your unique, dynamic lifestyle is a must and are available for all budgets.

Selection of over 750 designer frames

We have your look!  Come and browse our designer collections.  We have frames to suit every budget.

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