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Contact Lenses

When you obtain your contact lenses from our office you can be assured  that your eye health and vision are our primary concern.

Our Optometrists and Licensed Contact Lens Fitters have dedicated themselves to providing the highest standard of service and quality products by offering a Guaranteed Contact Lens Fitting Program.  This program ensures that the patient will achieve contact lens satisfaction or receive a full refund (less non-refundable deposit) within two weeks of meeting our contact lens fitting standards.

Our Guaranteed Fitting Program is your assurance of:
  • Optimum fitting contact lenses for optimum health, visual acuity and comfort.
  • The highest quality of materials and solutions for optimum long-term eye health.
  • The latest innovations in contact lens design for optimum comfort, vision and wearability.
  • Prompt contact lens delivery.
  • Prompt and responsive patient assistance.
  • Patient friendly exchange and replacement policies.
  • Online ordering and direct delivery on many various brands of contact lenses.
  • Competitive contact lens pricing.




How do I know if contacts are right for me?

We offer trial fits for our patients that are interested in trying contacts but aren’t certain it’s right for them. No fee, no commitment. What does this appointment look like? We insert the contact lenses then assess your vision, as well as the lens fit. You are then asked to go about your daily tasks for a real-world trial. Once you return to the office later that day, we remove the lenses and determine if you wish to proceed with your training.


How much do they cost?

We have a package that starts as low as $169. Keep in mind that pricing will depend on your prescription and type of lens you are looking for.


What are the benefits of ordering through Focal Point/Carman Vision Services?

We are proud to offer:

  • Risk free Trial Fitting
  • Training, Fitting, and follow-up with Certified Contact Lens Fitter and/or Optometrist
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Direct to patient delivery or curbside pick-up available
  • Complimentary lens exchange with updated prescription
  • Custom made lenses for specialty fits
  • Replacement of lost or torn soft lenses at no charge


What type of lenses do you fit?

Soft lenses, Hard lenses, Specialty lenses (see below)

  • Mini-scleral or Scleral lenses are large diameter rigid lenses that are used to rehabilitate vision when the corneal shape is distorted from disease, scarring or after a corneal graft procedure. These lenses are inserted with special non-preserved fluid beneath them, which stays trapped beneath the lens all day. These lenses are custom fit to the eye. These lenses rest their weight on the sclera (white of the eye) and vault over the cornea.
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) are hard contact lenses made of durable plastic that allow oxygen to pass through the lens material to the eye. Though not as popular as soft contact lenses, RGP lenses offer several advantages over soft lenses. RGP lenses can provide better vision, durability, and deposit resistance than soft contact lenses. Since they are custom made, they can be made with any prescription unlike soft lenses that don’t come in all prescriptions. Because they last longer than soft lenses, they can be less expensive in the long term. Why doesn’t everyone wear them? Soft lenses are instantly comfortable and RGP lenses require an adaptation period before they are as comfortable as soft contacts.
  • Duette hybrid: Duette lenses combine 2 types of contact lens materials into one unique lens. These lenses have a hard contact lens in the center and a soft outer lens skirt. They are all custom made for your eyes to give you truly uncompromised vision.
  • UltraHealth hybrid: UltraHealth offers a combination of vision and comfort benefits only available in hybrid contact lenses. The “rigid” (GP) material optimizes vision, while the soft skirt centers the lens over the cornea, providing enhanced clarity and longer-lasting comfort. Unlike the Duette hybrid, this lens is specifically designed to restore vision to patients with corneal disease. Because the lens design vaults over the cornea, there’s minimal risk of corneal scarring, making hybrid lenses a healthy treatment option for keratoconus and other corneal diseases.
  • Misight: Misight 1 Day contact lenses have been specifically designed to help slow down the speed at which Myopia (nearsightedness) develops. They look and feel like ordinary one day soft contact lenses, but they have a very different optical design called ActivControl Technology. In fact, clinical studies with MiSight 1 day show that the speed of Myopia progression is slowed down by more than half compared to ordinary vision correction. This potentially means the risk of future eye health problems associated with high myopia is reduced.


What brands of contact lenses do you carry?



What is a contact lens evaluation and why do I need one?

Good, comfortable vision alone is NO guarantee of good ocular health, especially with contact lenses. A contact lens evaluation is an essential part of your contact lens fit. This is the only way in which your eyes can be checked to ensure that no adverse effects have occurred from contact lens wear.

Ordering contact lenses is just like filling a prescription. For us to ensure no risk to your eye health, we need to confirm that the lenses continue to fit well. Even though you may have worn the same lens for years, it is always possible for a good fitting lens to change. Our bodies change all the time, so just like oral medications, the effectiveness or fit can change over time as well. By assessing the fit regularly, we can catch these changes early or prevent them all together. Our contact lens needs can also change and with new technology becoming available we can be sure you are wearing the best option for your lifestyle.


What are we checking?

We are checking your eye health for:

  • Contact lens overuse
  • Allergic reactions to the lens and/or solution
  • Signs of oxygen deprivation in the eye
  • Tear film resiliency and dry eye issues
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis: when the inside of your eyelid gets red, swollen, and irritated due to an allergy to the contact lens &/or solution, seasonal allergies, or contact lens overuse causing excessive deposits on the contact lens
  • We use a yellow-orange dye called sodium fluorescein to help examine the eye structures looking for these things.





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